About Us

         KIMTOANPHUC is a prestigious manufacturer, exporter and distributor specializing in SPICES and other agricultural products from Vietnam.

With over 20 years in processing and exporting, ALAMSPICE is our registered brand accepted and highly appreciated from clients all the world as USA, Europe Union, Middle East, Asia and other areas.

With the philosophy “Quality in everything we do”, our products are controlled strictly from choosing materials to producing according to HACCP and ISO 22000 standard.

         By co-operating with main collectors in each materials areas so we can obtain the comparative advantages both in price and quality terms. Besides that, with wide knowledge and deep understanding in SPICES & AGRO industry we can consult our partners especially for newcomers to conduct their business smoothly, efficiently and maximize the profit.


  • Black/White pepper Whole-Grounding
  • Cassia Stick-Grounding
  • Turmeric Slices/Finger – Grounding
  • Chillies Whole/Flakes – Grounding
  • Ginger Slices/Whole – Grounding
  • Other spices: Cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves…


  • Desiccated Coconut: High fat, Medium fat, Low fat all grades
  • Coffee: Arabica & Robusta Bean, Roasted and Instant coffee.
  • Cashew: W240, W320, W450, SP, LP, Roasted & Salted Cashew Nuts.
  • Betel Nuts, Lotus Seeds.
  • Rice Paper
  • Dried Fruits: Mango, Pineapple, Banana, JackFruits

Beside our strong traditional Business in Spices, we also invest into Rice Paper Factory, we are launching high quality Rice Paper  with THIEN HUONG BRAND to both local market and foreign countries. Our products are suitable for Islamic Markets with Halal standard Certified.